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Circuits / resources links

Tomi Engdahl's PC hardware page A Great resource for  PC hardware & software information.

Peter H. Anderson Embedded Processor control, PC Parallel Port, BASIC Stamp®, 68HC11, PIC®

Jan Axelson's LakeView Research The source for information and tools relating to parallel ports, RS-232 and RS-485 serial communications, 8052-Basic microcontrollers, and making printed-circuit boards.

Alberto Ricci Bitti homepage Circuit diagrams, ready to go schematics, source code especially for the AVR AT90S1200 and PIC microcontrollers.

Bowden's Hobby Circuits Collection of electronic circuits for hobbyist or student.

Alex'sElectronic Resource Library An online guide to useful Electrical and Electronics information.

Dr. Bobs Electronic Resources Great Electronics resources site.

Bob Blick's Assorted Electronics Projects - Nice projects

Circuits Archive A circuit data base for all Electrical Engineers


Electronics Magazines

EPE online Magazine The world's first Web-delivered hobbyist magazine for electronics and computer enthusiasts, with great construction projects fro beginners and experts.

Circuit Cellar INK  the Magazine of Embedded control applications.

Nuts & Volts Exploring Electronics and Technology for the Hobbyist and Professional.

EDN Magazine The design source for Engineers.

Micro Control Journal - Electronic design and industrial automation.

Robot Science & Technology.  A relatively new bi-monthly publication covering all aspects of robotics at the amateur level, highly recommended

Robotics links

Wizard.Org various robotic links. useful robot schematic. sonar ranging etc.

Karl Lunt's Home Page This site contains lots of embedded control and robotics projects, mainly  for 68hc11and 68hc12 microcontroller.

Reconn's World  robotics information, schematics, electronics projects

BEAM online a minimalist, counter culture approach to robotics.

Cricket  the Walking Robot .

Joseph Birr-Pixton's Cybernetics Site  guides on how to make small robots with components from common household appliances.

Ken's Robots  describes the robots Ken Boone has built for the last 36 years.  It also has links to robotic information. 

Polypod  modular, reconfigurable robot that walks, rolls, and crawls. 

Robohoo! the ultimate source of Robotics

Parallel port /Stepper motor control links

Interface to PC Parallel Printer Port General information plus several interesting projects.

Craig Peacock's Interfacing The PC Shows you how to interface to the PC via USB, Parallel ports, Serial ports and keyboard port.

The Stepper Motor Archive An online database of stepper motor data.

Ian Harries Documents & Information A lot of stepper motor info.

Home Build Hobby Plotter / Engraver interesting site, build your own plotter

Hobby CNC A Web Page For The Hobbyist and Desktop Machines!

Mechanical supplier links 

McMaster-Carr Tools and machines

MSC Industrial Supply Co.  Tools and machines

Travers Tool Co. Inc.  Tools and machines

Harbor Freight  Tools and machines

Small Parts  gears, belts, bearings, pulleys, sheet metal.

Serv-o-link  gears and other stuff, good prices.

Metal Mart  lots of steel, aluminum, brass, etc

Misc links

DIY Electronics A lot of useful links and DIY kits.

Component Identification Tools A beginner guide to identification of various electronic components.

Digital Oscilloscope use PC sound card for input.

Tower Hobbies The world's premier supplier of the finest in radio control models

PC Webopedia The #1 online encyclopedia and search engine dedicated to computer technology.

101 Science Science learning center.

Tom's home automation X10 projects

Web Resouces

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