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8051 Books

The 8051 is probably the most successful microcontroller on the market today. Even though it was introduced by Intel in 1980, the architecture has flourished where today there are over 20 chip manufacturers building and selling their own version of the chip. This book will introduce readers to Microcontrollers and the 8051's processor architecture and instructions. With this background, it will build the readers knowledge with over 30 experiments and 12 complete application projects. For work or fun--projects, exercises, and insights of the world's most popular microcontroller. Over 30 experiments and 13 complete projects demonstrate 8051 capabilities. CD-ROM gives you all the software you need to begin developing 8051 applications.

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  • Embedded Systems & Robots:Projects Using The 8051 Microcontroller by Subrata Ghoshal.

  Embedded Systems & Robots: Projects Using The 8051 Microcontroller is meant to serve as a reference book on real-time embedded system design and the applications of the 8051 microcontroller for undergraduate as well as postgraduate students of computer science, information technology, electronics, instrumentation, mechatronics, and other related disciplines. The book will also prove useful to general readers who wish to understand and fabricate simple working models of robots. This book adopts a do-it-yourself approach, starting with very simple projects and slowly leading to more complex items. It includes discussions on real-time embedded systems and provides step-by-step instructions for design and construction of different types of simple robots. The book highlights the need for accurate scheduling in real-time systems and indicates the related solution-techniques through assembly language programming. It contains discussions on importance of data structures in real-time scheduling (Chapter 7) and interfacing issues of sensors such as SONAR, infrared, LDR, and tactile sensors. The book provides complete fabrication blue-prints of several robot examples, including line-follower robot, maze-solving robot, obstruction-detecting robot, shadow-activated robot, learning robot, and humanoid robot.The book uses simple and lucid language for easy understanding of the concepts involved. A large number of illustrations (in colour where required) have been incorporated to enhance understanding of relevant technical details. All circuits shown in the book have been tested. Review exercises, including objective-type questions have been provided at the end of every chapter to test the students understanding of the topics discussed.

Key Features
(1)Delineates 11 do-it-yourself projects using the 8051 microcontroller with complete hardware circuit details and software listings
(2)Follows a step-by-step approach for understanding the design concepts of real-time embedded systems
(3)Contains over 350 diagrams, photographs, and tables for quick, clear, and easy understanding
(4)Includes 16 colour plates to enhance display of selected figures and photographs
(5)Incorporates end-of-chapter exercises, including objective-type questions

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Using a clear writing style and a "nuts and bolts" approach, this book describes the entire field of embedded controllers -- hardware, software, and interfacing -- using the Intel 8051 microcontroller as an example. The emphasis throughout is on interfacing the 8051 to real-world devices such as switches, displays, motors, A/D converters, etc. -- through both assembly language and C language programming. Provides abundant programming examples both in assembly language and in C throughout. Covers: Architecture of a Microcomputer; The 8051 Single-Chip Microcontroller; Interfacing: Hardware and Software; State Machines and Interrupt Timing; System Design Techniques; Project Design; Introduction to Assembly Languages; Mcs® -- 51 Programmers Guide and Instruction Set; and ASCII and EBCDIC Tables. Provides extensive discussion of device characteristics as well as many typical interfaces, such as RS-232 and IEEE-488. A reference for anyone whose work requires familiarity with microcontrollers.

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This practical, example-rich tutorial shows experienced developers exactly how to develop efficient, multitasked applications with the Intel 8051 family of embedded processors. This book combines a detailed discussion of microcontroller hardware and machine operations with instruction in C programming. Efficiency is emphasized throughout; for instance, the book includes detailed coverage of modular programming and effective development processes. There is extensive coverage of multitasking, including the use of real-time interrupts. The book includes many examples, all given in C, with some simpler examples also shown in assembler. Most examples apply to the entire 8051 family. For engineers, system designers, developers or students who produce small embedded applications.

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Maximize 8051 software performance, reliability, and efficiency-hands-on!

This is the first complete, hands-on guide to optimizing C-based applications for the 8051 microcontroller. Based on the most popular chipset in today's consumer products, it delivers great ideas and expert C code you can adapt to your own real-world applications, whatever they are. From project planning through key design tradeoffs, you'll find powerful insights that will streamline your coding and enhance your results.

In addition to extensive sample code, the book contains practical techniques and flowcharts for streamlining the development process, design approaches that minimize the amount of external hardware required, and much more. Most examples will work with the entire 8051 family, including the Philips 751 and 552, 517, 552, 558, and DS5000 series.

Coverage includes:
* Making the most of multitasking and real-time operating systems
* Building an operating system kernel-from scratch
* Working with internal and external peripheral devices
* Algorithms for enhancing performance
* Two highly detailed start-to-finish projects

Whether you're an engineer, student, or serious hobbyist, if you want to maximize the efficiency of your embedded applications, you need C and the 8051, Volume 2: Building Efficient Applications.

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  • C and the 8051 4th edition by Thomas W Schultz.

This slightly revised 4th edition includes two example projects from the earlier editions not found in the third edition but is otherwise unchanged. As before it includes a massive amount of information about the 8051-family of microcontrollers and techniques for programming them in the C language. There is a strong emphasis on interrupt-driven programming and operating systems as well as many algorithms related to typical microcontroller interfacing. There is extensive ground-up coverage of serial interfacing and small-area networks.


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  • Embedded Controller Forth : For the 8051 Family by William H. Payne.

The purpose of this book is to present the technology required to develop hardware and software for embedded controller systems at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. Included in the book are hardware schematics of 8051 family development systems (single board and bussed 8051 microcontroller). Source code for both the 8086 and 805 family FORTH operating systems is published in the book. Binary images of the operating systems can be generated from the source code using the meta-compiler also contained in the book. The book can be seen as a "toolbox" including all the necessary hardware and software information to be used in constructing 8051-based controller systems.

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